May 22nd, 2024

Waves Swim Club races at Dino Cup

By MEDICINE HAT NEWS on April 17, 2024.

The Medicine Hat Waves Swim Club raced in Calgary over the weekend.

The local swim club competed at the University of Calgary Swim Club Dino Cup, with 15 swimmers racing.

Wesley Henderson (7) was an aggregate winner, finishing second overall in the seven and under girls division, with a first in 25m Fly and 50m Breast, second in 50m Free, third in 50m Back (club record) and 100m Free and fifth in 100m Back.

Avery Tweten (6): Finished fourth in 25m Fly, 10th in 50m Breast, 13th in 100m Free, 14th in 25m Back, 15th in 50m Free and 16th in 25m Free.

Lincoln Siemens (7): Finished eighth in 25m Breast and 25m Back, 16th in 25m Free and 18th in 50m Free.

Blayke Bennett (7): Finished 15th in 25m Back, 22nd in 50m Free and 23rd in 25m Free.

Elizabeth Turnbull (8): Finished 10th in 25m Breast, 25th in 100m Back, 31st in 100m Free, 39th in 50m Free and 42nd in 50m Back.

Oliver Tweten (8): Finished first in 25m Breast, fourth in 50m Breast and 100m Breast, 16th in 100m Free, 20th in 50m Free and 25th in 50m Back.

Asylin Sanderson (8): Finished first in 25m Fly, 18th in 50m Free and 100m Free, 19th in 100m Back, 21st in 50m Breast and 28th in 50m Back.

Zoe Peterson (8): Finished 24th in 100m Back, 30th in 100m Free, 35th in 50m Back and 36th in 50m Free.

Isla Johnson (8): Finished 20th in 100m Breast, 25th in 50m Breast, 27th in 100m Back, 33rd in 100m Free, 42nd in 50m Free and 43rd in 50m Back.

Amelia Robbenhaar (9): Finished 43rd in 100m Back and 100m Breast, 52nd in 100m Free, 74th in 50m Back and 76th in 50m Free.

Connor Donnelly (9): Finished 37th in 50m Back and 45th in 50m Free.

Ethan Bennett (9): Finished sixth in 25m Fly, 29th in 50m Breast, 36th in 50m Back, 38th in 100m Free and 41st in 50m Free.

Quinn Baht (9): Finished fourth in 100m Back and 200m IM, sixth in 100m Free, ninth in 50m Free, 10th in 50m Fly and 14th in 50m Back.

Mack Hutchinson (10): Finished 31st in 100m Back, 42nd in 100m Free, 43rd in 50m Free and 47th in 50m Back.

Connor Tweten (11): Finished fifth in 200m IM, seventh in 100m Breast, 11th in 50m Breast, 13th in 100m Free and 14th in 100m IM.

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