February 26th, 2024

Waves Swim Club races in Calgary invitational

By MEDICINE HAT NEWS on February 9, 2024.


The Medicine Hat Waves Swim Club raced in Calgary last weekend.

The Waves Swim Club had 15 swimmers race at the Maverick Madness Invitational last weekend in Calgary.

Here are their results:

Female swimmers

Avery Tweten (6): Finished fourth in 25m Fly, sixth in 25m Breast, 12th in 25m Back, 17th in 50m Back and 23rd in 25m Free.

Zoe Peterson (7): Finished 11th in 25m Back, 13th in 100m Back, 14th in 100m Free, 16th in 50m Free, 19th in 50m Back and 22nd in 25m Free.

Elizabeth Turnbull (8): Finished 13th in 100m Free, 14th in 25m Back, 17th in 50m Free, 21st in 50m Back and 25th in 25m Free.

Quinn Baht (9): Finished first in 50m Fly, fifth in 50m Free, sixth in 100m IM and seventh in 50m Back and 100m Free.

Isabel Miller (11): Finished eighth in 200m Breast, 11th in 100m Breast, 12th in 50m Breast, 14th in 200m Free, 32nd in 50m Free and 40th in 50m Back.

Sophie Baht (12): Finished first in 100m Breast, second in 50m Breast, fifth in 50m Free and 200m Free, sixth in 200m Breast and 11th in 50m Fly.

Maja Kolodziej (13): Finished seventh in 200m IM, 13th in 100m Free and 200m Free, 21st in 50m Fly, 23rd in 50m Free and 25th in 50m Back.

Elizabeth Humphreys (13): Finished sixth in 100m Breast, 11th in 200m Breast, 17th in 50m Fly, 22nd in 50m Free, 23rd in 200m Free and 26th in 100m Free.

Male swimmers

Connor Tweten (10): Finished first in 50m Free and 100m Breast, second in 200m Breast, fourth in 200m Free, fifth in 25m Free and eighth in 50m Back.

Jon Miller (13): Finished 13th in 50m Breast, 15th in 50m Free, 16th in 50m Back, 18th in 50m Fly, 19th in 100m Free and 21st in 200m Free.

Kaden Goffinet (15): Finished fourth in 100m IM and 200m Breast, fifth in 100m Breast, sixth in 50m Breast and seventh in 50m Free and 200m Free.

William Miller (15): Finished first in 400m Free and 400m IM, third in 100m Back, fourth in 50m Back and 200m Free, seventh in 50m Breast and eighth in 100m Free.

Kage Senft (15): Finished first in 50m Free, fourth in 50m Fly and 100m Fly and fifth in 50m Breast and 100m Free.

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