February 28th, 2024

AMAC swim club competes at Alberta meet over weekend

By MEDICINE HAT NEWS on January 30, 2024.


The Alberta Marlin Aquatic swimmers attended the Swim Alberta Winter Festival South this weekend.

Eleven qualified AMAC swimmers raced at the competition, here are their results.

Carleigh Gainsborough (10): Finished 28th in 100m Back, 30th in 100m Breast, 35th in 100m Free, 47th in 50m Back, 48th in 50m Breast and 53rd in 50m Free.

Isabela Josey (10): Finished 17th in 100m Breast, 18th in 50m Breast, 40th in 100m Back, 43rd in 100m IM, 45th in 50m Back, 47th in 100m Free and 48th in 50m Free.

Olivia McWilliams (10): Finished 37th in 50m Breast, 38th in 100m Back, 42nd in 50m Fly, 45th in 100m IM, 49th in 100m Free and 50th in 50m Free.

Marsha Van Der Merwe (9): Finished fifth in 50m Breast and 100m Breast, 14th in 50m Fly and 100m Back, 16th in 100m IM, 21st in 100m Free and 24th in 50m Free.

Gage Anderson (11): Finished fourth in 100m Medley Relay A, 100m Fly, 100m Back and 11 and under 100m Free Relay A, sixth in 50m Free Final, 50m Fly and 50m Back Final and 11th in 100m Free.

Piercyn Berg (9): Finished eighth in 100m Breast, 13th in 50m Breast and 100m IM, 16th in 100m Back and 20th in 50m Free and 100m Free.

Rixtonn Biffart (9): Finished fourth in 100m Medley Relay A, fifth in 50m Fly, sixth in 50m Free Final and 100m IM, ninth in 100m Free, 10th in 100m Back and 12th in 50m Back.

Caleb Martin (9): Finished fourth in 100m Free Relay A, sixth in 100m Free, ninth in 50m Fly, 10th in 50m Free Final, 12th in 100m IM, 14th in 100m Back, 16th in 50m Breast and 19th in 50m Back.

Jack Mulligan (11): Finished fourth in 100m Free Relay A and 100m Medley Relay A, 10th in 100m Breast, 16th in 50m Breast, 20th in 100m Back, 22nd in 100m IM, 26th in 50m Free, 28th in 100m Free and 31st in 50m Back.

Austin Seeley (11): Finished fourth in 100m Medley Relay A, 18th in 100m Breast, 23rd in 50m Fly, 27th in 100m IM, 28th in 50m Breast, 33rd in 50m Free and 100m Free and 38th in 50m Back.

Izaak Smith (11): Finished fourth in 100m Free Relay A, 13th in 50m Fly, 16th in 100m Breast, 20th in 50m Breast, 21st in 100m Free, 22nd in 100m Back, 24th in 50m Free and 34th in 50m Back.

Next up for AMAC swim club is the John Timmermans Memorial in Calgary from Feb. 9-11.

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