October 22nd, 2021

Manta Rays show strong after long wait to get back in the pool

By Medicine Hat News on August 18, 2021.

The 6&U 25m flutterboard race at the Region F Festival Swim Meet in Blairmore featured all swimmers from Medicine Ha. From left are Caleb Martin, Rixtonn Biffart, Saylee Mori, Wyatt Hooke, Alayna Geisbrecht.--SUBMITTED PHOTO

The Medicine Hat Manta Rays Summer Swim Club was able to travel to Crowsnest Pass for a meet last weekend – the first competition for any local swimmer since the COVID-19 pandemic arrived.

In only its third season, the club has already grown to 70 athletes, with 31 of those travelling down Highway 3 for the Region F Festival Swim Meet at the Crowsnest Pass Municipal Pool in Blairmore.

Coach Glen Mori says the swimmers have been working hard and their improvements over these past few months were on full display. The Manta Rays’ contingent featured first-time competitors, several personal best times and even a number of club records set.

The club was even able to welcome some of Medicine Hat’s winter club swimmers from the Waves and AMAC to join them in Crowsnest Pass, all eager to enjoy racing again after a tough year of being shut down.

Under-6 Girls

Saylee Mori – 1st, 25m freestyle; 1st, 50m freestyle; 1st, 25m backstroke; 1st, 50m backstroke; 5th, 25m flutterboard

Marsha Van der Merwe – 2nd, 25m freestyle; 2nd, 50m freestyle; 3rd, 25m backstroke; 3rd, 25m flutterboard

Alayna Giesbrecht – 6th, 25m freestyle; 6th, 25m backstroke; 6th, 25m flutterboard

Under-6 Boys

Rixtonn Biffart – 1st, 25m freestyle; 1st, 50m freestyle; 1st, 25m Flutterboard, 2nd, 25m backstroke

Wyatt Hooke – 1st, 25m backstroke; 2nd, 25m freestyle; 2nd, 25m flutterboard

Caleb Martin – 2nd, 50m freestyle; 3rd, 25m freestyle; 3rd, 25m backstroke

7&8 Girls

Charlotte Kurpjuweit – 3rd, 50m backstroke; 4th, 25m backstroke; 7th, 50m freestyle; 8th, 25m freestyle

Finley Kletzel – 6th, 25m freestyle; 8th, 25m backstroke

Julie Giesbrecht – 6th, 50m freestyle; 6th, 50m backstroke; 7th, 25m freestyle; 9th, 25m backstroke

7&8 Boys

Eli Hooke – 3rd, 25m freestyle; 3rd, 25m backstroke; 3rd, 50m freestyle

9&10 Girls

Reece Tschritter – 5th, 25m breaststroke; 6th, 50m breaststroke; 8th, 25m butterfly; 11th, 25m backstroke

Alexis Goffinet – 6th, 50m backstroke; 9th, 25m butterfly; 10th, 25m backstroke; 17th, 50m freestyle

Maja Kolodziej – 7th, 50m breaststroke; 11th, 25m breaststroke; 18th, 25m backstroke; 19th, 50m freestyle

Morgan Gage – 11th, 50m breaststroke; 15th, 25m backstroke; 23rd, 50m freestyle

9&10 Boys

Masao Mori – 2nd, 100m Freestyle; 4th, 50m freestyle; 4th, 25m breaststroke; 4th, 25m backstroke

Owen Hughes – 8th, 50m backstroke; 10th, 25m backstroke; 12th, 50m freestyle

11&12 Girls

Janessa Jackson – 10th, 50m backstroke; 12th, 100m backstroke; 14th, 50m breaststroke; 18th, 50m freestyle

Fareda Mohamed – 6th, 50m backstroke; 11th, 50m breaststroke; 15th, 50m freestyle

11&12 Boys

Wyatt Gage – 5th, 100 freestyle; 6th, 50m backstroke; 11th, 50m freestyle

13&14 Girls

Taylor Sissons – 2nd, 50m butterfly; fourth, 50m backstroke; 6th, 100m breaststroke; 8th, 50m freestyle

13&14 Boys

Fahd Mohamed — 1st, 100m breaststroke; 2nd, 50m breaststroke; 3rd, 50m backstroke; 6th, 50m freestyle

Other swimmers competing in the swim meet under the exhibition category who accumulated best times included: Rowynn Biffart (Waves), Isa Miller (Waves), Jon Miller (Waves), Will Miller (Waves), Kayden Goffinet (Waves), Willow Elsom (Waves), Brody Elsom (Waves), Kora Kurpjuweit (AMAC), Breagh Kohlman (AMAC) and Jordyn Jackson (AMAC).

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