July 24th, 2021

Student vote also favoured UCP

By JEREMY APPEL on April 18, 2019.

Students at Notre Dame Academy participate in the student vote for the Cypress-Medicine Hat riding. Ninety-four of them voted, with the UCP's Drew Barnes taking 62 of the votes, compared to 26 for NDP runner-up Peter Mueller.


The UCP would have a slimmer majority and the Alberta Party would have representation in the legislature if Alberta’s students were the only voters.

According to the results of the province-wide student vote, the UCP would have 49 seats with 36 per cent of the vote, the NDP would have 35 seats with 30 per cent and the Alberta Party would have three seats with 18 per cent.

Like in the provincial election, the Alberta Liberal Party was shut out, but received five per cent of the vote, compared to one per cent in the actual election.

Locally, the student results roughly mirrored those of the actual electorate, with both MLA-elects winning decisively.

Michaela Glasgo won Brooks-Medicine Hat with 49.9 per cent of the student vote, while Drew Barnes won Cypress-Medicine Hat with 61.51 per cent.

The two teachers in the race – Peter Mueller in Cypress-Medicine Hat and Jim Black in Brooks-Medicine Hat – were the runner-ups. Mueller received 20.44 per cent and Black received 21.78 per cent.

Black’s vote share was the biggest difference from the actual election results, where he placed fourth with 6.5 per cent.

Lynn MacWilliam, who placed a distant second in the actual vote with 17.5 per cent,, received just 9.5 per cent from students.

In Cypress-Medicine Hat, the schools with the most voters were Medicine Hat High with 482, Roy Wilson with 422 and Alexandra Middle with 371.

At Hat High, Barnes won with 64.11 per cent, followed by Mueller with 19.92 per cent.

Barnes also won Roy Wilson, with 49.29 per cent, while Mueller received 25.12 per cent.

At Alexandra, Barnes received 59.84 per cent and Mueller 22.1 per cent.

The schools with the most voters in Brooks-Medicine Hat were Crescent Heights with 496, Margaret Wooding with 187 and Brooks Junior High with 149.

Glasgo won Crescent Heights with 52.23 per cent, while Black was the runner-up with 23.59 per cent.

At Margaret Wooding, Glasgo received 51.87 per cent, while Black received 17.11 per cent and MacWilliam was close behind him with 13.9 per cent.

Brooks Junior High had an unusual result, where Glasgo tied with Black at 32.21 per cent each, followed by independent conservative Todd Beasley with 22.15 per cent.

In the actual vote, Beasley received 13 per cent, placing third.

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