June 12th, 2024

12 people injured after Qatar Airways plane hits turbulence on way to Dublin

By The Associated Press on May 26, 2024.

LONDON (AP) – Twelve people were injured when a Qatar Airways plane flying from Doha to Dublin on Sunday hit turbulence, airport authorities said.

Dublin Airport said in a statement that the plane landed safely as scheduled before 1 p.m. (1200 GMT).

“Upon landing, the aircraft was met by emergency services, including Airport Police and our Fire and Rescue department, due to six passengers and six crew “¦ reporting injuries after the aircraft experienced turbulence while airborne over Turkey,” the statement said.

The airport did not provide details on the severity of the injuries.

The incident comes five days after a British man died of a suspected heart attack and dozens of people were injured when a Singapore Airlines flight from London hit severe turbulence.

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