February 22nd, 2024

Russia says it has swapped 195 POWs with Ukraine

By The Associated Press on January 31, 2024.

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) – Russia’s Defense Ministry says Russia and Ukraine have exchanged 195 prisoners of war each.

The Russian Defense Ministry said the swap was conducted on Wednesday.

The announcement came a week after Russia alleged that Ukrainian forces shot down a military transport plane carrying Ukrainian prisoners of war who were to be swapped for Russian POWs.

The Defense Ministry said that missiles fired from across the border brought down the transport plane in Russia’s Belgorod region on Jan. 24. Local authorities in Belgorod, which borders Ukraine, said the crash killed all 74 people onboard, including six crew members and three Russian servicemen.

Ukrainian officials confirmed last week that a prisoner swap was due to happen that day but said it had been called off.

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