March 3rd, 2024

A fire in China’s Jiangxi province kills at least 39 people, state media says

By The Associated Press on January 24, 2024.

BEIJING (AP) – At least 39 people died and nine people were injured after a fire broke out in China’s southeastern Jiangxi province, state media said on Wednesday.

Rescuers are still trying to reach people trapped in the building, according to state broadcaster CCTV. The broadcaster said the fire broke out inside a building which houses an internet cafe in the basement and tutoring centers on upper floors. It is unclear how many remain trapped in the building.

Officials for the Yushui district of Jiangxi province said the fire broke out in the basement of a shopping area at 15:24 on Wednesday. They said 120 rescue, firefighters, police and local government officials were deployed to the scene.

The local government said search and rescue operations are underway, and that the cause of the fire is under investigation.

Over the weekend, a fire in central Henan province broke ou t in a boarding school dorm and killed 13 children.

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