July 23rd, 2024

Exhibition partnering with LFS on lottery

By Alejandra Pulido-Guzman - Lethbridge Herald on June 22, 2024.

LETHBRIDGE HERALDapulido@lethbridgeherald.com

Lethbridge & District Exhibition announced Friday it has chosen Lethbridge Family Services to be their community partner for this year’s 50/50 Lottery.
Last year the lottery program raised more than $84,000 with 50 per cent of the total proceeds going to the lottery winner and the other 50 per cent going to support community initiatives.
Paul Kingsmith, Director of Community Engagement with LDE, said that since the inception of the 50/50 lottery program it has been imperative that the Exhibitioin work with other community organizations that align with their vision and goals and that is why this year they have chosen LFS.
“Just the sheer number of people that are impacted by their work in the community and the work that they do, it just felt like an obvious choice,” said Kingsmith.
He said LFS is an organization that does so much good for our community, that it just fits naturally with what they are trying to do with the lottery program.
Sandra Mintz, CEO of Lethbridge Family Services, said they are excited and appreciative to be chose by LDE as this year’s partner for their lottery.
“Lethbridge Family Services has been serving our community and 32 surrounding communities since 1910 and through this lottery, I think there’s an opportunity for the community to take care of us. I love the sense of that reciprocal relationship,” said Mintz.
She explained an individual can simply buy a lottery ticket and by doing that they are taking care of LFS which enables that organization to take care of many others in the community.
“It doesn’t matter whether you buy one or 100 tickets, just know that you’re showing your appreciation for Lethbridge Family Services and giving us the love and the resources that we need to continue serving southern Alberta,” said Mintz.
When talking about where the funds will go once they received them, Mintz said there are a few key areas that are always in great need, the Angel Tree campaign, counseling services and immigrant services.
“Our Angel Tree initiative is very important to the community and that is in area where a lot of people in the community volunteer and show their love to the citizens of Lethbridge when they really need some help at Christmas time,” said Mintz.
When it comes to Immigrant Services, she said the funds would help a lot during the summer to be able to offer services to immigrant youth while they are not in school.
“We would like to have activities that will advance their language learning and their learning about life here in Canada, here in Lethbridge through summer programming,” said Mintz.
And when it comes to the counseling area, Mintz said sometimes it feels like there is never enough resources to meet the needs.
“We always have a waiting list for counseling services, so that would be another area that we would direct these funds to,” said Mintz.
Tickets for the LDE 50/50 Lottery are on-sale now at ldelotteries.com and will be available through Aug. 24, the final day of Whoop-Up Days. The winner will be selected on Aug. 27.

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