June 16th, 2024

Man believes threat to burn sister’s house warranted

By Delon Shurtz - Lethbridge Herald on May 28, 2024.

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A 33-year-old man who received a short jail sentence for threatening to kill his sister and burn her house to the ground because she had his dog, still believes such destruction is an appropriate punishment, a judge was told Monday.
John Andrew Krkosky pleaded guilty to one count of indecent communication with intent to alarm or annoy and was sentenced to 14 days in jail. He also pleaded guilty to charges of failing to attend court and breaching release orders, for which he was sentenced to an additional 15 days in jail.
“Mr. Krkosky’s sister had the dog in her care,” explained Crown Prosecutor Kathleen Tokaruk during a hearing in Lethbridge court of justice. “Mr. Krkosky took offence to this. He was phoning her, yelling at her, saying he was gonna ‘burn her f-ing house down,’ that he was going to ‘f-ing kill her.’ ”
Tokaruk told court a pre-sentence report outlining some of Krkosky’s background and personal circumstances, indicates he does not accept responsibility or feel any remorse for his actions or the impact they had on his sister.
“He continued to fixate on punishing (his sister) for taking his dog, and he still feels burning her house down is an appropriate punishment,” she read from the pre-sentence report.
Krkosky was given full credit for time he had already spent in remand custody, which completes his sentence, but he will be on probation for two years, during which he is not to have any contact with his sister. He must also be assessed and take counselling and treatment for psychological and psychiatric issues, and substance abuse, and his lawyer pointed out Krkosky suffers from schizophrenia, as well.

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