April 13th, 2024

Black History Month wraps up at college

By Steffanie Costigan - Lethbridge Herald Local Journalism Initiative Reporter on March 1, 2024.

Lethbridge College wrapped up a successful Black History Month of activities with a lunch-and-learn closing session featuring an African cuisine on Wednesday.
The session not only had lunch but was followed students from Lethbridge College along with alumni sharing stories and experiences.
Student Theresa Ogaosun shared the opportunities the lunch-and-learn is for students.
“This is sort of like a closing ceremony or the month-long event that we’ve had,” she said.
The event had a panel of three people of whom students asked questions about their experiences.
She the month has been an eventful one for the college with the varying activities.
“We’ve had so many events, and it was really fun,” she said.
Ogaosun said Black History Month has an impact on the African students.
“It’s actually really good for us because it makes us feel recognized. I know we have a huge Black community at the college and having this month being celebrated feels very acknowledgeable and it’s really special for us.
“We feel like we’re recognized, our culture is recognized, our heritage and history is recognized. We were very recognized, we feel very accepted.”
Ogaosun wore African attire for the day, explaining it’s from Nigeria but not traditional, rather fashionable.
“This is an African attire. This is particularly for Nigeria, but it’s not just for Nigeria itself. It’s a fully African fashionable attire. We call this Ankara in my language in Nigeria,” she said.
Ogaosun voiced how she felt when she first came to Lethbridge College for her studies being new to Canada.
“I felt like a fish out of water, it’s quite different, the weather is different. And the ambience is different, people are different. And coming here was such a scary experience for me.”
She has made since coming to Canada and feels part of the community.
“They, (have become) part of my roots, they remind me of home, they make me feel at home here.
“I feel like having a community to rely on, having good friends, having people who are not just like you, who also represent some of your fears, were part of your struggles and also a representation of what you’ve overcome,” said Ogaosun.

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