June 12th, 2024

UCP choosing candidate to run in Lethbridge-West

By Ry Clarke - Lethbridge Herald Local Journalism Initiative Reporter on February 23, 2023.

With the 2023 Alberta general election looming on the horizon, political parties in the province are getting ready to put their best foot forward.
The election scheduled to be held on May 29.
In Lethbridge the UCP Lethbridge West Constituency Association announced its two candidates for the riding earlier this week, Torry Tanner and Rick Dempsey.
The constituency association is holding a nomination election for members on March 14, at the Lethbridge Public Library between 3 and 7 p.m, where they will choose which of the two will run in Lethbridge-West against NDP MLA Shannon Phillips.
“Our local constituency nominating committee (LCNC) does all the investigating, vetting, and posing questions. Then they approve or deny them the opportunity to run in the nomination election,” said Davey Wiggers, president of the constituency association.
“Torry has a legal background, she is primarily a mediator, and she has her own business. Mr. Dempsey, as well as doing financial consulting, has been involved in conservative politics in southern Alberta for many years. He was looking to take part in the last election nomination election, but needed to bow out for personal reasons.”
To give constituency members a chance to make an informed decision at the polls, the constituency association will host an event for discussion.
“Our board did meet yesterday (Feb. 16), and we are working on holding a forum where the candidates can introduce themselves and be asked questions by the membership, have a debate and be queried by moderated questions from our LCNC,” said Wiggers.
“That will be a closed meeting to members only then the members will get to know the candidates and be able to make an informed decision come election day.”
Wiggers says no date has been set for the forum yet but members will be notified by email when one is picked.
“As conservatives, we are focused on fiscal responsibility, and that will probably be a continuing focus for conservatives,” said Wiggers.
“It is important for any party, of any stripe or any candidate, to mobilize their supporters. It is important to not take for granted a position or a pole selection. You need to put you best foot forward, work as hard as you can, and don’t take anything for granted.”
Only residents of the Lethbridge-West constituency who are current members of the UCP on or before Feb 21,are eligible to vote. Voters must provide official identification that shows a photo, name, and current address.
“Please don’t take anything for granted, polls aren’t always what they seem, and we need every conservative minded voter to get out and vote this coming election,” said Wiggers.

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