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New Legion banners to honour veterans starting Oct. 1

By Alejandra Pulido-Guzman on May 17, 2022.

The Royal Canadian Legion General Stewart Branch No. 4 is launching a program to honour veterans across the city this coming fall.
The Veterans Banner program is a collaboration between the Royal Canadian Legion General Stewart Branch No. 4, the City of Lethbridge and the 702 Royal Canadian Airforce Association.
The program will bring 91 banners to be displayed in locations of significance to veterans across the city starting on Oct. 1 leading up to Remembrance Day.
During a media scrum Monday at the Legion hall on Mayor Magrath Drive, chair person of the Salute our Veterans Banner Committee Ray Romses shared the locations where the banners will be placed.
“The first of course is in the cenotaph-City Hall area and there will be 26 banners placed in that area,” said Romses.
He said the second will be the old train station which is now the city health centre along 1 Avenue S and 8 Street S where 30 banners will be displayed.
“Almost every veteran leaving for World War One and World War Two and then coming back from those wars went through that train station, so that’s why that area has been selected,” said Romses.
He continued by saying that the third location will be the square block around the Legion where four banners will be displayed.
“The Legion being the home of modern-day veterans and our past veterans and also the same is true for the Army Navy and Air Force club area,” said Romses.
The Lethbridge Airport will be another area where 18 banners will be displayed.
“That airport, then called Kenyon Field Airport, was a beehive of military activity during World War Two and that’s why it’s particularly relevant for us to put banners in that area,” said Romses.
He said in 2023 they will add 80 banners to their count, and in 2024 another 80 banners.
This project will also have an online component.
“Our banner website http://www.lethbridgeveteransbanners.ca which includes details about the program, provides answers to questions you might have and it has application forms for those wishing to honour a veteran through sponsorship of a banner,” said Romses.
He said that is something that will be there throughout the year, for people to look at the many stories of these veterans.
“We want to engage our community and honouring our local veterans of past and present in a colourful and vibrant way as we move towards Remembrance Day,” said Romses.
He said the program is a way to help promote remembrance in our community and it’s also a way to help educate students and citizens on some of the faces and stories of service of our veterans.
“We believe the program will allow members of our community to connect with the everyday people who made that extraordinary decision to serve their country,” said Romses.
He said they hope this program will help ensure continued recognition and remembrance in future generations.
Mayor Blaine Hyggen who was in attendance said in the eight years of being on council and his short time as mayor, this is one of the most exciting things that they have been able to do.
“To have something so exciting come forward and to be able to salute those that served our country, this is nothing short of amazing,” said Hyggen.
Representing the 702 Wing, Wayne King said the 702 Royal Canadian Airforce Association was not only a willing but a very eager sponsor of the program.
“The presentation of veteran banners on the various light poles around the city I think is a significant step forward in keeping the remembrance alive of those members of the community who contributed so much to our way of life,” said King.
All banner applications must be received no later than June 30, 2022.
“The cost to sponsor an individual veteran’s banner is $225. Those who decide to sponsor a veteran must complete the application form which can be found on the website,” said Romses.
He said the application includes providing a high-definition photo of the veteran and a short CV of the individual (approximately 100 to 150 words) and an example is provided in the application form.
For more information about the program and to make an application please visit their website at http://www.lethbridgeveteransbanners.ca
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