July 14th, 2024

Ancestors Reburial Project continues work toward autumn reburial

By MEDICINE HAT NEWS on June 15, 2024.


A partnership actively working to rebury the remains and associated burial artifacts of three ancestors held in public trust at the University of Alberta provided an update on recent community engagement efforts as they work toward final reburial in their original resting place.

Representatives with the Medicine Hat Ancestors Reburial Project say they have held four community engagement opportunities over the last year, most recently in February when elders and knowledge keepers met to discuss procedures for the burial ceremony and methods which the ancestors will be transported to Medicine Hat.

The partnership between the city, Miywasin Friendship Centre and U of A says they are committed to the reburial of the three ancestors, who have been held at the U of A within the Osteology museum collection since 1967 when they were uncovered in the Medicine Hat area.

Members of the project hope the community engagement sessions, as well as several meetings with institutions, committees and groups, will lead toward a reburial this fall. More details will be made available when they are finalized.

The Medicine Hat Ancestors Reburial Project officially began in March 2023 and more information can be found on the city’s website under the Truth and Reconciliation tab.

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