June 18th, 2024

Cypress County Happenings: Council amends land-use bylaw for Suffield lot housing failing businesses

By ANNA SMITH on June 5, 2024.


Cypress County council made an amendment to its Land Use Bylaw in Suffield on Tuesday, regarding a plot of land along Illingworth Avenue. The land in question was requested to be reclassified from Hamlet Commercial District to Hamlet Residential.

While the space does currently contain two businesses – established restaurant Cactus Pizza and Submarine – and a campground, the businesses have suffered due to a reduced number of military residents, no highway access and lasting impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As such, the applicant has attempted to sell the lots, but has been unsuccessful due to complications in financing on commercial property.

Following public hearing, both second and third reading of the bylaw were passed, though it will not come into effect until October. The purpose of the delay is to allow the present businesses time to close, as they do not fall under discretionary use of the reclassified land.

Speed limit reduced in highway-adjacent subdivision

Following a letter to the county from a rural community subdivision, council discussed the possibility of conducting a study regarding speed limits throughout the area.

The community in question, the Funk subdivision along Highway 41, cited a significant increase in traffic, road layout and the presence of small children as reasons to reduce the speed limit within the area from 50 kilometres per hour to 30.

Ultimately, council decided against conducting the study for budgeting reasons, and then discussed potential risks to maintenance vehicles during the winter that another option, the installation of speed bumps, could pose. The motion was passed to reduce the speed limit within the subdivision.

Council Oks annual donations

In keeping with annual tradition, Cypress County passed motions to make donations to both the Dunmore Days pancake breakfast and the Elkwater Canada Day Parade.

Both of these donations are usual expenses for the county, with the donation to the breakfast not to exceed $1,000, and the donation to the parade not to exceed $500.

During the meeting, a small edit was made to the recommended motion by acting CAO Steven Toews, noting that the wording used within the agenda would require the county to send someone to do the shopping and donate supplies directly, as opposed to a monetary donation. Both motions were passed.

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