July 17th, 2024

Group from Medicine Hat High School wins Spectrum’s Battle of the Bands

By ANNA SMITH on June 4, 2024.

Band members Justin Vannini, Mark Gervais, Lukas Wihnan and Brooklyn Martin pose for a portrait following their win at Spectrum Festival on June 1.--News Photo Anna Smith


On Saturday afternoon, four bands of high school students took to the Kin Coulee bandshell for the Spectrum Battle of the Bands, each hoping to emerge victorious.

Brodie, a band consisting of four members from Medicine Hat High School, was voted by judges as the winner of the competition, over rival bands Big Hog, Murdoch and Wide Awake Daydream.

Member of the band, Brooklyn Martin, expressed her surprise that they were chosen, but also excitement.

“Everyone was really good,” said Martin. “We’re a little shocked, but also really happy.”

This was far from Brodie’s first performance in front of such a large audience, but they were somewhat nervous to perform for the Spectrum festival-goers regardless.

“It’s always nerve racking until you hit the first note,” said band member Lukas Wihnan. “Then it all goes away.”

All four members agreed that hearing the applause of a crowd is likely the most refreshing feeling in the world. The band performed “That Song” by Big Wreck, as well as “Tush” by ZZ Top, a performance that ultimately secured them the opportunity to open for the Warehouse Cats during Spectrum’s Saturday evening performances.

“It’s a little bit more of a nerve-wracking crowd this evening, but I think we’ve got it,” said member Justin Vannini.

Brodie is a band that’s seen many iterations, said Martin, with various members going through the band as they move through their school years. This particular roster has only been playing together for roughly a year, and they’re proud of how fair they’ve come as a group in that time.

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