June 23rd, 2024

Lifesaving Society shares safe boating tips for summer

By ANNA SMITH on May 22, 2024.


The Lifesaving Society shared some tips on how to stay safe, as part of Safe Boating Awareness Week, which runs from May 18-24.

For this week, the council would like to remind people looking to enjoy activities out on the waterways to boat sober, as many boating related fatalities involve alcohol consumption. Alcohol can intensify the effects of fatigue, sun, wind and boat motion, which often impairs balance, judgement and reaction time, leading to accidents.

They also advised citizens not to boat alone, and to drive at moderate speeds to allow for adequate reaction time. Ensuring that lights are on and working after dark is also valuable, and so is keeping an eye on weather conditions to ensure a safe outing is possible.

“No matter how good of a swimmer you are, you should always wear your lifejacket when in a boat,” said the society. They advise to find and wear a lifejacket that is in good condition, Transport Canada approved and the proper size to support your weight.

The society wishes everyone a pleasant time with the rest of Safe Boating Week, and reminds them not to forget their Pleasure Craft Operating Card, nor their safety kit, which they said should contain, at a minimum, a first aid kit, bailing bucket, whistle or horn, a flashlight and a throw rope.

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