June 15th, 2024

Dunmore celebrates opening of new UFA facility

By ANNA SMITH on May 2, 2024.

From left, Cypress-Medicine Hat MLA Justin Wright, UFA president Scott Bolton, UFA chief operating officer Don Smith, UFA petroleum manager Penny Mastel, HALO CEO Paul Carolan and Cypress County Reeve Dan Hamilton cut the ribbon on the new Dunmore Agency on Wednesday.--News Photo Anna Smith


On Wednesday, UFA Co-operative celebrated the grand opening of the Petroleum Agency in Dunmore.

The UFA is excited about this new location along the Highway 1 corridor, which Don Smith, chief operations officer with UFA, hopes will be able to contribute well to the communities of Dunmore and Medicine Hat, as well as travellers along the highway.

“This is a really important milestone for us to open a site of this magnitude and such a vibrant and growing community,” said Scott Bolton, president and CEO at UFA. “I want to thank the county of Cypress in particular, and also the Dunmore and Medicine Hat communities for your support of our project. You don’t get these projects built without support from the communities.”

Bolton noted that the Medicine Hat agency originally opened in the early 90s, and is thrilled to see it receive an upgrade in such a major way, to better serve those who rely on it.

“I came out here when we first purchased the land, sat with you in my truck and watched the traffic going in all directions, and said we got a winner here,” said Bolton. “This is a great site to build upon. And to see it coming to fruition is very satisfying.”

Justin Wright, MLA Cypress-Medicine Hat, and Dan Hamilton, Reeve of Cypress County, were both in attendance and excited to be present for the opening of the agency, at what Hamilton said will be a big area with the continued development of Dunmore Junction and the upcoming widening of Highway 41 north and south.

“New business growth is the lifeblood of our vibrant community. It takes courage and risk for entrepreneurs to invest their time, money and efforts into starting a new venture,” said Wright. “And I’m incredibly grateful to UFA for having the vision and commitment to developing a state of the art facility here in the charming constituency in Cypress-Medicine Hat.”

Wright added that the facility will be well suited to handle the influx of activity to the region, and serve as a support to agricultural workers and rural residents in the region, as well.

“This grand opening symbolizes the dynamics of our provincial and local economies. When businesses like UFA have confidence in innovating and growth in our region, it benefits us all. Congratulations on this tremendous accomplishment,” said Wright.

The facility is located at 206 East Third Avenue in Dunmore, and features fuel pumps, lubricant products and washroom facilities to suit the needs of members and customers.

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