May 22nd, 2024

Residents of Richmound plead for help fighting cult that won’t leave

By Medicine Hat News on April 26, 2024.


Residents of Richmound, Sask. are appealing for donations to help them contain “a cult” that has located to the town, pay legal fees and better contest the coming municipal election next fall.

Since last autumn, followers of “Queen Romano Didulo” have been living at a former school site in the village located 100 kilometres northeast of Medicine Hat across the Saskatchewan boundary.

“Richmound, population 120, does not have the people or budget to deal with a cult,” reads the appeal on the online fundraising platform Go Fund Me.

“Romana and her followers have made it clear that they want to be able to participate in the upcoming November election in order to oust the ‘corrupt and defunct’ local village council.”

They hope to raise $50,000 that would be used for legal consultations.

Organizers say the situation has led to stress, the loss of access to a playground located near school grounds where occupants video passersby, and concerns about the town’s reputation.

The leader claims to be the rightful ruler of Canada, telling followers to not pay taxes or utility bills, and has advised followers to assault health care workers involved in COVID vaccinations.

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