June 15th, 2024

Stampede royalty enjoyed hosting princess for a day winners

By ANNA SMITH on April 23, 2024.

From left, Medicine Hat Exhibition & Stampede Queen Emma Atkinson, Princesses for a day Jaylin Arnal and Willow Page and MHE&S Princess Caitlyn O'Connor pose for a portrait.--News Photo Anna Smith


Saturday marked a special day for the winners of the Medicine Hat Exhibition and Stampede’s Princess for a Day competition.

The two girls, eight-year-old Willow Page and 10-year-old Jaylin Arnal, spent the first portion of their day playing games at Dunmore Dugout, alongside the Medicine Hat Exhibition & Stampede Queen and Princess.

“They’ve been so polite, and really, just the best little girls ever,” said MHES Queen Emma Atkinson. “Having the opportunity to have them by our sides, and taking them through all of the activities has been amazing. I’m so excited and grateful that we had the opportunity to spend the day with them.”

The girls also had the opportunity to learn about horse safety and how to do the royal wave, as well as have lunch with the rodeo royalty. Later that evening, the girls were introduced by the announcer at the Indoor Spring Rodeo, and were able to hand out autographs.

Both girls spoke of their intent to compete for the title, once they reach 18 years of age, after the experience they had on the weekend.

“It’s a fun experience, and it’s a learning experience,” said Arnal. “You get to communicate with lots of people, and try a lot of new things.”

Stampede Princess Caitlyn O’Connor also took the time to remind those who, like the girls, see being MHES Rodeo Royalty in their future, that they are still accepting applications for this year’s Medicine Hat Exhibition &Stampede Queen and Princess competition, and will be until April 30.

“The competition is for girls between the ages of 18 and 24, and you do have to live within 175 kilometres of Medicine Hat,” said O’Connor. Other qualifications include the ability to ride a horse, as well as use that horse continuously throughout the year.

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