May 24th, 2024

Police warning residents about grandparent scam returning

By MEDICINE HAT NEWS on April 23, 2024.

The Medicine Hat Police Service is advising residents to be on alert for phone scams once again.

Police say they’ve received reports that the ‘grandparent scam’ is once again circulating in the area of southern Alberta.

They say the typical scenario involves a grandparent receiving a phone call from a con artist pretending to be their grandchildren. The caller will sometimes say they are in trouble, usually a car accident, returning from a foreign country or even in jail and need of money immediately.

Police say victims do not verify the story until after the money has been sent, as the caller specifically asks, “Can you please help me? I’m in jail, but don’t tell Mom/Dad. They will kill me if they find out, please sent the money ASAP. I’m scared.”

Wanting to help their grandchild, the victim sends the money as requested.

Variations on the scam are an old neighbour, a friend of the family and other alternatives, but predominantly the emergency scam is directed toward seniors and grandparents.

If residents or anyone they know has received such a request for money, police say they are to contact your family or the MHPS who can advise them further.

If anyone has fallen victim to this scam, and has not already reported it, contact the MHPS at 403-529-8481.

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