June 15th, 2024

Gwendoline Dirk endorses Ganley for Alberta NDP leadership

By ANNA SMITH on April 6, 2024.

Gwendoline Dirk addresses the gathered crowd at the Medicine Hat Public Library during an appearance from NDP leadership candidate Kathleen Ganley.--News Photo Anna Smith


Former NDP candidate for Brooks-Medicine Hat Gwendoline Dirk gave her personal endorsement of leadership hopeful Kathleen Ganley at a campaign event at the Medicine Hat Public Library on Thursday evening.

“Speaking as an individual,” said Dirk, “Kathleen is my personal pick for leader of the Alberta NDP. She’s amazing.”

Over the course of her time with the NDP, said Dirk, she’s had the privilege to get to know all of the MLAs in the party, Ganley among them.

“What I see in Kathleen are qualities that I admire in a friend, and in a person. Her ability to stand up and fight for what is right, and her integrity as a human being,” said Dirk. “Her ‘we’ approach to everything that she does, which makes her an amazing team builder. The fact that (she) will always always put Albertans and the party before herself.”

Dirk praised Ganley for her role as Minister of Justice and Solicitor General during the previous NDP government, as well as her attention to detail.

“Look at the Team Ganley platform. It’s actually amazing. She knows that we need to build an economy in Alberta that works for everyone,” said Dirk. “And she also shows unwavering support for our valued public services like health care and education.”

Dirk encouraged attendees to look at those who have already endorsed Ganley, and look at the work she had done.

“For those who know me, you know I was a farm girl from Saskatchewan. One of the values my parents, especially my mom instilled in me was, ‘Don’t ever think you’re too good to do the work of others.’ She used to tell me this,” said Dirk. “So when I saw Kathleen scrub floors and clean the bathroom at an AGM where she was invited for speaker, I knew. She’s not in this for herself. She’s in this for all Albertans, and I’m so proud to be part of that team.”

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