April 21st, 2024

Medalta to host reception for James Marshall exhibit

By ANNA SMITH on April 4, 2024.


Medalta is thrilled to host a retrospective art exhibition for Medicine Hat’s own James Marshall.

“We’re encouraging the community to come out and see a celebration of a lifetime of work by Jim Marshall, who’s sort of a living legend in our own community,” said Mike Onieu, executive director at Medalta in the Historic Clay District.

Onieu is glad to be able to have these works with them, with the exhibition opening Tuesday and running through April 27. While they aren’t able to fit Marshall’s iconic brick murals into the Yuill Family Gallery, there is one outside, and there will be pictures and various other works from Marshall’s artistic career.

Marshall will be present at a reception for the works on April 10, which is also his 85th birthday. Onieu is pleased to have the celebration for the man who, alongside Jack Forbes, had the idea to restore some of the old clay factories and creating the Medalta residents know today.

“I kind of like the intersection of all these things,” said Onieu. “I like that it’s his 85th birthday. And that he’s still so engaged in his work, and that he’s celebrating it here in a place that he actually established. And we’re celebrating him at the same time as all his art. I just think it’s neat.”

The reception will begin at 7 p.m., but Medalta will not close for the afternoon that day so visitors will be able to see more of the building if they wish to arrive early, before they come to enjoy cake, a cash bar and more than 100 pieces of Marshall’s work on display.

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