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Caring for caregivers discussion next week at Veiner Centre

By Samantha Johnson Local Journalism Initiative Reporter on October 19, 2023.


The Canadian Mental Health Association and the Caregivers Lighthouse is hosting another discussion next week for family caregivers and service providers, including a speaking appearance from Darrel Gregory, executive director of Caregivers Alberta, who will be travelling from Edmonton to attend.

The discussion – Oct. 25, 1:30-3:30 p.m. at the Veiner Centre – is a follow-up to an August event that focused on services available for those under care along with those services that can help the caregiver. It will focus on caring for the family caregiver.

Without support, a caregiver is in danger of burnout. Stress builds slowly and is often unnoticeable to the caregiver until they are in the midst of a burnout.

A family caregiver is one who is caring for a family member or friend with a serious or chronic illness, disability, mental illness, dementia, aging or cognitive issues.

Lorna Scott of the Caregivers Lighthouse said, “We have a limited amount of funding and I want to make sure it’s spent giving the caregivers what they want and need. This community conversation will help guide future events and resources that will provide support for them.”

According to cargiversalberta.ca, family caregivers provide an average of 70% of care outside of health care or assisted living residences in Alberta. Nearly 38%, or two out of every five people, will be a caregiver at some point. One in four people are currently caregivers, with 20% between the ages of 15-29, 32% aged 20-49, 31% between 50-64 and 17% over 65. The majority of family caregivers (84%) care for a family member and 16% care for a friend, neighbour or co-worker.

“The family caregiver plays a vital role in helping people to age well in their place of choice,” stated executive director of Caregivers Alberta Darrel Gregory. “The caregiver must be supported in this important and often challenging role. Caregivers Alberta is committed to supporting family caregivers all over Alberta. We are pleased to support The Caregiver’s Lighthouse event and have an opportunity to hear directly from caregivers in the Medicine Hat area.”

Those looking to attend should RSVP to Lorna Scott at lorna@thecaregiverslighthouse.com, or call 403-548-8437.

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