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E-bikes, e-scooters, mopeds, mobility aids – they all come with different rules

By KENDALL KING on August 9, 2022.


Medicine Hat police are hoping to increase awareness of rules and regulations regarding electric transportation, specifically e-bikes, mopeds, electric scooters and mobility aids.

In a social media post released Friday, police say there are several rules and regulations relating to the classification, ownership and operation of each of these transportation means. Find below a summary of the information and how it impacts you.


Commonly known as e-bikes, these electric or power-assisted bicycles must not exceed 500 watts in output or 32 km/h in speed under provincial regulations.

While a driver’s license, vehicle insurance and vehicle registration are not required for e-bike operation, helmets, head and tail lights, reflectors, brakes, a horn and pedals are required.

Operators can be as young as 12 years old, but cannot carry passengers unless 16 or older.

E-bikes may only be ridden on the right-hand side of roadways and trails.


Electric vehicles powered by motors or engines with a 50-cubic-centimetre engine displacement, mopeds are limited speed motorcycles.

The maximum speed permitted for a vehicle to be classified as a ‘moped’ is 70 km/h; if exceeding 70 km/h in speed, the vehicle would be classified as a ‘motorcycle.’

A class 7 drivers licence is required for moped operation, and operators must be 14 years of age or older, however only operators 16 years of age or older may carry passengers.

Vehicle insurance and registration is required, as are helmets, head, tail and brake lights, reflectors, brakes, a horn, a muffler and mirrors. Mopeds may only be ridden on the right-hand side of roadways.


Powered by an electric motor, e-scooters operated within the City of Medicine Hat must not exceed speeds of 20 km/h.

E-scooters under 500 watts in output do not require a driver’s licence, vehicle insurance or vehicle registrations.

Helmets are also not required, but are recommended.

Operators must be 16 years of age or older and, if renting a Bird e-scooter, must not be accompanied by a passenger.

E-scooters may be ridden on paved trails and designated roadways and bike lanes.

Mobility Aids

A mode of transportation utilized by individuals with mobility or other physical impairments, mobility aids can vary in design and function.

Driver’s license, vehicle insurance and vehicle registration are not required for mobility aids, as operators are legally considered to be pedestrians.

Mobility aids may be ridden in and on pedestrian routes, such as sidewalks. When crossing the street, mobility aid operators must use crosswalks.

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