February 28th, 2024

City council unveils new four-year, six-category strategic plan

By MEDICINE HAT NEWS on June 7, 2022.


City council has released its strategic priorities for the next four years calling for a focus on innovating city service delivery and communications, supporting a transition to a new “sustainable” economy and community wellness.

The document, titled “We Have Energy,” was released following Monday’s council meeting. It replaces the previous list developed after the 2017 election.

“We all want to live in a vibrant, prosperous and sustainable community where we feel a sense of belonging,” said Mayor Linnsie Clark, reading a joint statement from all council members.

“We are facing a critical turning point as our economic, environmental and social landscape shifts around us. This council was elected to ensure that our city is resilient and positioned to thrive in the future.”

She also said the city needs to evolve its approach to meet the modern expectations of residents on local government and better communicate with a population which is now wired for social media.

Specific items listed under each goal includes continued support for regional hydrogen and carbon capture hubs, optimizing the city’s energy portfolio, an environmental roadmap this year and encouraging city staff to “innovate” service delivery.

The list is broken into six categories: Innovation, Economic Evolution, Service Orientation, Partnerships and Governance, Community Wellness, and Resilience and Sustainability.

“It can look like a lot of ‘government talk’, but councillors came in with a lot of energy,” said Coun. Robert Dumanowski. “This is what we want to accomplish over the next few years.”

The current slate of council members was elected last October in results that showed major turnover. Seven new members took positions on the nine-person council. The mayor and councillors met with consultants since February to develop the list, which forms the basis for administrators to evaluate their work and programs.

They will also inform work this summer and fall as department heads and finance officials prepare the city’s next budget, comprising 2023 and 2024.

That is due for council approval in December.

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