January 22nd, 2022

Gas station swap shouldn’t affect the Hat

By COLLIN GALLANT on December 2, 2021.

The Husky House restaurant and Esso station at 15th Street and the Trans-Canada Highway is not part of a $400-million sale of stations by Cenovus Energy to Parkland Fuel and Federated Co-op, announced late Tuesday, local officials have told the News.--News Photo Collin Gallant


A major swap of gas stations across Canada may not ripple down to Medicine Hat, sources tell the News.

Late Tuesday, Cenovus Energy announced it would sell its network of Husky-brand fuelling stations, mostly to the national chain operator Parkland Fuel, but also 181 locations to Federated Co-op.

Those Western Canadian stations would eventually wind up in the hands of regional co-ops, but only includes potentially one in the trading region of Hat-based South Country Co-op.

Officials with the local independent co-operative retailer told the News on Wednesday they are still evaluating the local impact of the deal signed by their parent, but it appears no changes are in store for Medicine Hat.

Parkland Fuel, which operates a network stations under various brands would take 156 locations, mostly in major centres, for $156 million.

Saskatoon-based Federated Co-op stated the $264-million purchase of 181 locations represents the largest retail acquisition in the co-operative retailer’s history.

Once approved by the Competition Bureau of Canada, they will be acquired and divided up among regional co-ops.

An initial evaluation by South Country Co-op officials shows just one in southern Alberta outside the greater Calgary metropolitan area, which is considered Calgary Co-op territory.

“Husky” locations in the Medicine Hat area number three, including one at the intersection of 13th Avenue and Strachan Road. That location sits about four blocks south of one Co-op gas bar and four blocks west of another.

Another, on Broadway Avenue in Redcliff, is on the same block as the Co-op gas bar off Mitchel Street.

The deal does not include travel centre locations, cardlocks or commercial fuelling facilities, which also operate under the Esso flag. Those will be retained by Cenovus.

The Husky House restaurant and station on the Trans-Canada Highway in Medicine Hat’s SW Light Industrial area was changed over to an Esso Station last year while retaining the “Husky” label on the adjacent restaurant.

Husky retail gas locations include Brooks, Taber, Lethbridge, Cardston and Coleman in southern Alberta.

The only Husky retail locations in the southwest Saskatchewan are located in Swift Current, where Pioneer Co-op is the FCL-related party.

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