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Former Mavericks announcer suffers stroke

By JAMES TUBB on November 3, 2021.


Medicine Hat Mavericks owner and general manager Greg Morrison is wishing the team’s former announcer Dawson Thompson all the best in his recovery from a stroke suffered last week.

“It was tough to hear; he was a great worker for us and a young guy that age, it’s always tough to hear when there’s health situations like that,” Morrison said. “Just pulling for him right now,”

The Mavericks shared a link to a GoFundMe page on Oct. 26 that was set up by a family friend of Thompson’s after his stroke. The page says the former announcer suffered the ‘major stroke’ on Oct. 22 and was in hospital in Saskatoon. The donation goal was set at $10,000 to help with Thompson’s recovery.

“We were happy to share the link on our social media pages and we are hoping there’s been a good response for him, Thompson said.”Hopefully people can support him and hopefully he’s going to be feeling better soon.”

The GoFundMe page has daily updates from organizer Christine Barry on Thompson’s condition early recovery. According to the page, doctors first believed the stroke was caused by a clot that went from his leg into his heart and then up to his brain. Doctors have since found he has a blood disorder and are apparently unsure which caused the stroke but are treating symptoms with medication.

The latest update says Thompson’s blood work is moving in the right direction and is looking good. He was to receive his seventh plasma exchange Monday afternoon.

The link to the GoFundMe page can be found on the Mavericks social media pages.

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