October 22nd, 2021

Motz says Liberals have failed every step of the way

By ALEX McCUAIG Special to the News on May 12, 2021.

The Conservative MP for Medicine Hat says the Liberal government failed to properly prepare for the pandemic, its procurement of vaccines has been dismal and it’s failed to layout a plan to get out of perpetual restrictions that’ll give constituents hope.

Medicine Hat-Cardston-Warner MP Glen Motz also says vaccines have been shown to be effective in dealing with COVID. And he explained while there are those complaining of Charter infringements, the enforcement actions being taken regarding public health restrictions are part of the rule of law principles which underpin Canadian democracy.

Motz says the current situation isn’t good and he has never seen so many people having “lost or losing hope,” which has led to a situation that has many lashing out or rebelling against restrictions, “and they want to know a plan.”

He questioned the cost-benefit analysis of restrictions and claims the government has failed to provide evidence of how measures over and above masking and social distancing prevent the spread of the virus.

Without that data, constituents have become restless, and it “sets a perfect stage for what’s going on,” and has led to people “thumbing their noses at provincial health orders,” said Motz.

“I understand the frustrations,” he said, again saying the situation is due to the failures of the Liberal government.

Regarding those who actively participate and promote in breaching public health measures, Motz said the venue for fighting them is in the courtroom.

Canada is a democratic nation based on the rule of law, said Motz, and those who believe their Charter of Rights and Freedoms are being infringed upon have a legal recourse available to them.

The Conservative Official Opposition has been hammering on the Liberals to get Canadians more vaccines, quicker.

Motz also backed that position by saying getting vaccinated has a “positive impact” if properly administrated.

But due to failures at the procurement process, he says, Canada is behind other countries, especially the US.

And rather than take responsibility for its failures, the Liberal government, “shifts the blame.”

“People have every right to be frustrated,” said Motz.

While Motz was critical of the federal response, he had high praise for Alberta Health Services and the work local officials have done to help businesses stay open and in a safe environment.

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