May 14th, 2021

Power prices falls while gas price rises

By Medicine Hat News on May 4, 2021.

Power prices will fall for Hatters with default electricity pricing in May, but rates remain above a set-rate option, information published Monday from the city’s utility department shows.

The floating rate for power will be 7.411-cents per kilowatt hour, down from 8.781-cents in April, but above the 6.8 cents the city offers customers who sign on to set-rate pricing for at least six months.

Natural gas for heating homes and small to medium businesses will rise to $3.2405 per gigajoule, compared to April’s rate of $2.7795.

The city sets its monthly rates against the average default rate price of major distributors throughout the province.

For May, the comparable low and high prices for power were 7.411-cents and 7.633-cents from Direct Energy and Epcor’s Edmonton service, respectively.

Two comparable gas rates were $3.188, from Apex (formerly AltaGas), and $3.293, from Direct.

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