March 8th, 2021

Prairie Gleaners ship thousands of meals to multiple countries

By Medicine Hat News on February 23, 2021.

The Prairie Gleaners have been hard at work these past few months, shipping off thousands of meals across the globe.

In November, the Gleaners partnered with Faith Missions Inc. to send 1,120 bags of dehydrated food to the Ukraine.

In December, the organization send 9,200 kilograms of food to the Dominican Republic. The shipment equalled around 700,000 cups of soup.

Later in the month, 4,500 kg were sent to Venezuela.

In January, five lifts were sent to Nicaragua and four more were sent to Venezuela.

Nine pallets then left Medicine Hat and were to the Dominican Republic, roughly 636,000 cups of soup.

“It is very exciting and rewarding to see vegetables grown here in Southern Alberta feeding people in countries around the world,” Prairie Gleaners said in a release.

More information can be found online at

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