January 15th, 2021

Scottish couple seeks help finding lost Hatter friend

By GILLIAN SLADE on January 13, 2021.

A couple in Scotland, June and David Shields, is trying to reconnect with a friend - Pat Cook and her two sons, Martin and Paul - whom they believe are possibly still living in Medicine Hat. This photo was taken at the celebration of the baptism of the Shields' eldest daughter about 47 years ago. Martin Cook is seated and holding the baby and his brother Paul is standing next to the chair.--SUBMITTED PHOTO


A couple in Scotland is trying to connect with a long lost friend they believe is possibly still living in Medicine Hat, and her sons may be here, too.

Jane and David Shields live in the village of Falkland in Fife, Scotland, and would like to renew contact with Pat Cook and her sons Martin and Paul who moved to Canada and indeed Medicine Hat many years ago.

David says Pat’s Christmas card used to be one of the first to arrive but then stopped and they unfortunately do not have a telephone number for her.

“I have tried unsuccessfully to find a telephone number on the internet but with no joy. She also had two sons who live in Medicine Hat. I tried to find them via Facebook with no joy I’m afraid,” said David.

The two couples met when Pat’s husband Tom and David were engineers working on a Canadian Pacific cargo ship many years ago.

“Tom came ashore to take up a position as a Boiler Inspector for the Canadian Government and I stayed at sea,” said David.” During that time Jane and Pat became close friends.

From the family’s photo album there is a picture taken on the occasion of the baptism of David and Jane’s eldest daughter nearly 47 years ago. Martin and Paul Cook are the boys in the photograph.

When Tom left his job with the government after a few years, he went back to sea. Pat frequently travelled with him.

Jane and David always knew when Pat was going to be travelling with Tom because a really early Christmas card would arrive. That was an indication that Pat was getting ahead of the game and ensuring that cards reached their destination in time for Christmas no matter where they were travelling in the world.

Whenever Pat and Tom returned to the area the two couples would meet up again. David says sadly Tom passed away about 10 years go.

If you are able to help make the connection with Pat for Jane and David Shields, please contact the News:

Gillian Slade, reporter, gslade@medicinehatnews.com or telephone 403-528-8635.

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