November 25th, 2020

Separatist candidates in SW Saskatchewan

By Medicine Hat News on October 24, 2020.

Voters in east-central and southwest Saskatchewan will have a separatist candidate to consider in Monday’s provincial election.

Buffalo Party of Saskatchewan candidates are officially registered in Cypress Hills and Kindersley ridings.

The party, which was known until last June as “Wexit Saskatchewan,” has 17 candidates registered in the province’s 61 ridings. Voting takes place Monday.

In Cypress Hills, Doug Steele (Sask Party) is defending his seat against four challengers, including Crystal Tiringer (Buffalo), Kelly Genert (NDP), John Gooshen (PC) and Dianna Holigroski (Green).

In Kindersley, five candidates will appear on the ballot: Steven Allen (NDP), Jason R. Cooper (Buffalo), Evangeline Godron (Green), Ken Francis (Sask) and Terry Sieben (PC).

Swift Current features a three-way race between incumbent Everett Hindley (Sask), Stefan Rempel (NDP) and George Watson (Green).

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