October 26th, 2020

Extended summer ends with taste of winter on the way

By MO CRANKER on October 17, 2020.


While it may have felt like summer just a week or so ago, it sure won’t this weekend.

Medicine Hat is expected to see its first taste of winter on Saturday and Sunday, with highs of -1C being forecast for both days.

A mixture of rain and snow is expected Saturday, meaning roads and sidewalks could become unsafe for unprepared Hatters.

The Medicine Hat Police Service is urging road safety to everyone, and to drive with caution. Leaving extra distance between you and other cars can prevent crashes.

“As we transition to winter, make sure you take extra time to get to where you need to be – don’t be in a rush,” said Darren Holeha. “Slow down and be courteous with other drivers on the road. Make sure winter tires are on and make sure tire tread is appropriate for slick roads.

“Make sure you have blankets in the car in case of emergency.”

Holeha says people need to take caution with slippery sidewalks.

“Make sure you’re wearing the correct footwear,” he said. “If you own a home, make sure the sidewalks are clear – a lot of people use the sidewalks to get around.”

The Medicine Hat Interpretive Program is hosting a Beaver Walk on Saturday and is asking participants to pre-register. People are also asked to dress for the weather. The park can be reached at 403-529-6225.

Medicine Hatters can also head over to Redcliff to take part in the Glass House Haunting haunted house in support of the Redcliff Youth Centre.

The haunted house is located in an old greenhouse building, and spans over 8,000 square feet.

Dunmore Dugout is also hosting a haunted maze over the next few weekends.

The haunted maze costs $10 per person and is located in at 821 Industrial Ave.

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McCrank Resident
McCrank Resident
9 days ago

All seasons/winter tires are obsolete for most people.
All weather tires are suitable for most people in the snow.
Better than some winter tires in snow and ice and can be left on all year.
Far cheaper since no ugly rims, storage or changing twice a year.
They qualify as a winter tire where it’s required.
Nokian WR G4 or Toyo Celsius.
All seasons are obsolete now. Winter tires are also obsolete for most people. All weathers are rated to last 100K km and there is no noise like many winter tires..
Once OEMs put all weathers on new cars and people find out they are fantastic in the snow and ice most people won’t bother with winter tires.
Search YouTube for “Tip of the Week: All Weather Tires”.
Search YouTube for “New All-Weather Tires Outperform Some Snow Tires | Consumer Reports”