August 11th, 2020

Mook Fabrics donates 100 quilts to Ronald McDonald House

By Mo Cranker on July 10, 2020.

Submitted photo Staff from Mook Fabrics show off the 100 quilts they created with the help of volunteers. The quilts will be donated to Ronald McDonald House.

More than a year ago the people at Mook Fabrics in Medicine Hat set the goal of making 100 quilts for Ronald McDonald House.

They were able to donate all 100 on Friday.

“We had a bunch of samples that our sales people used while on the road, and they really weren’t being used for anything after they were finished with them,” said retail manager Barbara Smith. “We came up with the idea for charity quilts and we decided to do exactly 100 to donate.”

Each quilt takes around two days from start to finish. Smith says 18 staff and a number of volunteers helped to make the project happen.

“Our staff put a lot of volunteer time into this,” she said. “We also had a large number of customers who helped us. They’d come in and we’d give them a bag of sample fabrics to work on.

“They’d bring them back to us and we’d finish them.”

Each child that stays at the local Ronald McDonald house will receive a quilt use while at the house, and to take home with them after their stay ends. Smith says she knows the quilts will bring comfort to children and their parents during difficult times.

“For a sick child, that quilt is something to cuddle and keep them warm,” she said. “For the parents, I think it means a lot.”

Smith added that Mook Fabrics hopes to continue working on charity quilts in the future once they can meet in person.

“The staff and volunteers who worked on this are amazing,” she said. “Our company covered all the costs of this, and really let it happen.”

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