October 22nd, 2021

Gaming room makes a teen’s wish come true

By MO CRANKER on July 3, 2020.

SUBMITTED PHOTO Ryley Pollard-Bustamante and his mom, Nati, enjoy his new gaming room. The room was brought to him through Make-A-WIsh and the good will of a number of local businesses.


The local chapter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation teamed up with a developer to make one boy’s dream come true.

Hatter Ryley Pollard-Bustamante had a kidney transplant a year and a half ago and was finally able to see his wish come true earlier this year.

“My son was born nine weeks premature and he was only two pounds, two ounces,” said Ryley’s mom, Nati Bustamante-Heck. “He had a hole in his heart and had an operation for that in Vancouver. He was born with underdeveloped lungs and kidneys.

“Doctors said he would need a kidney transplant in his 20s, but he only made it to 13.”

Since his transplant, Ryley has had two minor rejections and has been quarantined indoors since January.

“He got a common cold and now with COVID out there, he’s staying inside,” Nati said.

His original wish was to go to Comic Con, but is now unable to travel. Because he is forced to be inside, Ryley’s wish changed to a gaming computer, desk, chair, headphones and games.

What he got went above and beyond that.

“They gave him a computer and a gaming system,” said Nati. “The computer is perfect because he’s been able to do his homework while quarantined.

“This has meant so much to Ryley and we are so thankful.”

On top of the new computer, a new bedroom and bathroom were installed in the basement of Ryley’s home, giving him a place to call his own. This was provided by local businesses through donations.

“After the transplant, Ryley was so hot,” said Nati. “He was sleeping in an unfinished basement on a bed with a bunch of fans around him.”

The renovations were donated by DAAS Construction. President Dave Reinheller says it felt like the right thing to do.

“This is what life is about, right,” he said. “It’s important to help out when you have the chance.”

Reinheller gave a special thanks to his employee Phil Clarke for donating his time to do the labour.

He added that Main Floor donated the flooring for the basement. Windsor Plywood donated finishing materials and Twin Electric donated services.

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