May 27th, 2020

Masterpiece reporting good health among staff, residents

By GILLIAN SLADE on May 23, 2020.

A week ago Masterpiece Southland Meadow seniors’ residence reported one positive case of CVOID-19 among its staff but there have been no further positive tests.

“As of today (Friday), we have no additional cases of COVID 19,” said Paula Isfeld, vice president of care.

Masterpiece has had a strict protocol in place to screen staff. They are required to complete a health questionnaire twice a day and it is as a result of one of these that a member of staff was identified as having symptoms that appears to have come from outside of Masterpiece. This employee has since recovered at home and there has been no additional spread from that individual.

“If we weren’t following what we were supposed to be doing the staff member could have been in our building, they could have been symptomatic and transferring these germs around the building,” said Isfeld at the time. “It’s because we were doing exactly what we were supposed to be doing, that ‘s why we caught it.”

Isfeld says they are also screening residents and taking temperatures every day to identify immediately if someone has symptoms. There are no residents with COVID.

“Masterpiece takes the health and safety of everyone in our building very seriously and we are always looking for way to improve on existing practices,” said Isfeld. “During times like these, our staff across all departments go over and above to find ways to support residents and communicate with families.”

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