February 24th, 2020

Man in custody after high-risk incident at city schools

By Mo Cranker on February 14, 2020.



One man has been arrested and is in the hospital after a “high-risk” incident led to the closing of two Hat schools.

The Medicine Hat Police Service sent out a notice just after noon letting people know that Notre Dame Academy and Roy Wilson Learning Centre were on secure and hold because of the incident.

“Around quarter to 11 this morning we received a call about a male in distress who was likely in danger in danger to himself and he was likely in possession of a weapon,” said Secondiak. “We did know that the male did have people he was related to at the schools – specifically Notre Dame Academy and Roy Wilson Learning Centre. 

“We called the schools and got them both on hold and secures – this was pretty high risk in our eyes.”

The man was located just outside of the Hat on Eagle Butte Road and was arrested by the RCMP and the MHPS.

“We used a few different techniques to locate the male,” said Secondiak. “It really didn’t take very long. The schools weren’t closed for very long.”

Secondiak says the man has not been charged yet.

“There will likely be some weapons-related offences,” he said. “I know they have seized a weapon and that the male is currently at the hospital. He will be at the (police station) when he’s done at the hospital.

“He has simply been arrested at this point and charges are pending based on evidence they get.”

Secondiak did not confirm what the weapon is.

“I can’t say anything until we determine whether it is legal or illegal,” he said. 

Secondiak says police do not suspect that drugs or alcohol played a role in Friday’s incident.

“We were concerned about his emotional and mental state,” he said. “The subject wasn’t hurt and police weren’t hurt.”

Unlike a lockdown, schools function normally during a hold and secure. Classes continue as normal, but all entrances to the school are locked except one. The one unlocked door us guarded by a police officer. No outdoor recess happens during a hold and secure.

“Things are normal now,” said Secondiak. “The hold and secure was just under half an hour.”

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