March 29th, 2020

City hires contractor to monitor coyotes during mating season

By Medicine Hat News on February 12, 2020.

The city has hired a contractor to monitor coyote activity in the South Ridge coulee areas that will include the use of a vehicle to access specific parts of the trail system.

It is mating season for coyotes and they consequently act more aggressively to protect their territory and den location.

If you encounter a coyote you should: make yourself appear larger by waving your arms or a stick at the animal, try to stand your ground by throwing rocks, sticks and other objects. Startle the animal with a loud noise such as a whistle, clapping hands and so on. Shout in a deep voice and maintain eye contact.

The city advises that if the coyote continues to approach, you should back away slowly and move toward buildings or where people are located. Do not turn away or run as it will encourage the animal to chase you.

Female coyotes will defend their den sites and young, so use extra caution in this situation.

Please note you should not allow pets to run uncontrolled as they are seen as prey or competition and may be attacked.

Supervise children at all times in areas that are known to have coyote activity and make them aware of the tips listed here.

If you should encounter any coyotes please report to the parks and recreation department: 403-529-8333 or send an email:

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