October 22nd, 2021

Medalta reviving 30-year-old campaign to meet funding target

By MO CRANKER on February 3, 2020.

Medalta's marketing and communications co-ordinator Jessica Knodel sits on top of a small brick wall outside of the Historic Clay District. Medalta is selling bricks to fill the wall, with money going back into its programs.


Medicine Hat’s Historic Clay District is re-launching a 30-year-old campaign with the hopes of bringing in more funds for its programs.

Medalta first launched the Brick Campaign in 1989 and it played an important role in making the clay district what it is today. The campaign allows Hatters to purchase bricks of varying sizes that are displayed outside of the front doors to the main building.

“We never put and end to the campaign, but we haven’t been actively selling bricks,” said marketing and communications co-ordinator Jessica Knodel. “We wanted to come back to this and start selling bricks again.

“If you go out front and look at the walls of bricks, you’ll see a lot of familiar names – there’s a lot of former factory workers there and lots of our volunteers.

“This is a great way to donate to Medalta and get permanent recognition for it.”

A brick can be purchased for $500, $1,000 or $2,500.

“The $500 and $1,000 bricks are the same size, but they’re different colours – the $1,000 bricks will also get put in a more prominent location on the wall,” said Knodel. “The $2,500 brick is double the size and will go right in the centre.”

People are able to customize what their brick says, meaning they can put their name, a loved one’s name or a business name.

Knodel says 31 per cent of Medalta’s annual operating costs are funded by initiatives like the Brick Program.

“I think Medalta is a big part of our community here in Medicine Hat,” said Knodel. “It puts us on the map in Alberta and in Canada.

“This will help us with our programs all year round.”

For more information call Medalta at 403-529-1070.

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