December 14th, 2019

Still a chance to get in on APARC’s annual Amazing Race, set for Aug. 17

By MO CRANKER on August 10, 2019.

Alberta Pound and Rescue Centre kennel hand Lisa Bamhare holds up Pringle, who has been living at the pound for 110 days. The shelter is hosting its annual Amazing Race event and can fit another team or two of contestants.--NEWS PHOTO MO CRANKER

The Alberta Pound and Rescue Centre is hosting its annual Amazing Race event Aug. 17, and is still able to squeeze a couple more teams into the race.

The event, just like the Amazing Race TV series, requires teams of Hatters to go to various businesses around the city to complete challenges at each stop.

“People need to do the challenges and they don’t get the clue for the next place until they’re done,” said kennel hand Lisa Bamhare. “It’s a really fun event that we’re trying to do every year and eventually the team that finishes first wins.”

Teams of two to five people are able to register for the event and while registration is officially closed, Bamhare says APARC may be able to squeeze a couple more in if they contact the pound right away.

“The support has been great so far this year,” she said. “There’s a couple repeat businesses from last time, but we have a lot of new businesses this year that were eager to get involved to help us.

“The challenges are a lot of fun – we had a stop at the pound last year and we had people diong things we would be doing here every day – we’re excited for this year’s race.”

Registration for the event is $125 per team and all the money will be well used by the pound.

“We had a kitten here who had to have an eye out recently – that cost of surgery is a great example of where the money will go from this event,” said Bamhare. “Our budget doesn’t account for all of the extra stuff an animal may need when we get them – these events help us cover surgeries like that.”

More information can be found online on APARC’s website.

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