March 4th, 2024

Alberta Press Council finished on Dec. 31

By Medicine Hat News on December 29, 2018.

Medicine Hat News

After serving the citizens of Alberta since 1972 and due to recent declining membership in the industry, the Alberta Press Council will cease to exist on Dec. 31.

The APC is an independent self-regulating body established by participating Alberta newspapers, including the Medicine Hat News, in 1972. The mandate:

— The protection, preservation and promotion of the established freedoms of the press;

— The encouragement of public awareness of the press and its role;

— The promotion of excellence in journalism;

— The facilitation of conflict resolution between the public and member newspapers;

— The adjudication of complaints as per the Code of Practice.

During 46 years of operation, 464 complaints were received and satisfactorily mediated or adjudicated. Thirteen chairpersons and seven executive directors, as well as industry directors and public members, were tasked with creating a yearly budget and organized successful public relation events/forums and essay competitions in the province. Member newspapers which funded the Alberta Press Council over the years are thanked for their willingness to participate in this regulatory body.

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[…] The Alberta Press Council shut down on Dec. 31. I’d link to the press release, but the website has already been shut down. The group started in 1972. […]