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Unique SPCA cats looking for homes

By Mo Cranker on October 9, 2018.

Kennel assistant Joe Schafer pets shelter cat Bubba Thursday, Oct. 4. 2018 at the SPCA.


The Medicine Hat SPCA is hoping to get some of its longest-tenured residents into some loving homes.

The SPCA has been functioning at maximum capacity for the majority of the year and its cat population has been especially large.

The shelter is currently housing a number of long-term felines, all with their own unique needs.

“A lot of the time people are scared away from pets that may have something special about them or how they need to be cared for,” said kennel assistant Joe Schafer. “A cat like Boots is a good example. He is a young cat, only three years old, but he’s got urinary tract issues.

“It’s nothing major or life threatening but it will likely be with him his whole life. What Boots needs is some special food — it only costs a little more than normal cat food — he’s been here for at least six or seven months and we’d love to find him a great home.”

Pet owners being forced into a move leaves a lot of pets homeless, says Schafer, something that happened to nine-year-old Whiskers.

“She’s such a friendly girl,” said Schafer. “Right now the only thing with her is that she has an irritable stomach, but we think that’s due to the change in environment.

“She’s an older girl that would likely be best in a home without other pets — an older couple would be perfect. She’s a really nice cat.”

Another cat the SPCA is hoping to find a home for has some fairly serious health concerns and has spent around a year at the shelter.

“Bubbas has chronic kidney disease,” said Schafer. “He needs a home that can give him care until the end of his life — we’re not 100 per cent sure how long or short that is.

“He has a special diet, special medications and on these things he could live quite a while, but his disease will not correct itself. That said, he is full of love and is a great cat and he deserves a forever home.”

Sarah, a red-haired cat, has spent roughly a year at the SPCA and is looking for a calm home she can have to herself.

“She’s got a bit of a cat-itude and has irritable bowel syndrome,” said Schafer. “We’re controlling her IBS really well with a new, special diet that we’ve started, but she’s going to be on it for the rest of her life.

“While she can be a little feisty, she is a really great cat and is so, so beautiful.”

More information on these animals and more can be found online at medhatspca.ca.

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