February 18th, 2019

Ted Clugston’ replaces Mayor’s New Year’s Levee with a summer Afternoon in the Park

By Gillian Slade on August 10, 2018.

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A new tradition is being launched Saturday with an opportunity for families to interact with Mayor Ted Clugston from 2-4 p.m. at Police Point Park in the east beach area.

The event, called “Afternoon in the Park,” replaces the previously held Mayor’s New Year’s Day Levee at city hall.

The location for this new event has been chosen for a variety of reasons.

“Police Point Park is one of my favourite places in this beautiful city and I look forward to spending a few hours there with residents and their families,” said Clugston. “It will be a nice, relaxed afternoon with no real formal agenda, except I hope people will join me for a short walk around the area at 3 p.m.”

There will be summer favourite refreshments including lemonade and watermelon.

Residents are asked to please “go green in our park space” and bring their own refillable cups. A scavenger hunt will highlight some of the interesting things you can find in the park.

There will be limited parking available so consider walking, cycling or boating to the park.

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