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Another successful Stampede

By Mo Cranker on July 30, 2018.

Derek Sharp and Will Evankovich of The Guess Who play a solo Saturday evening during their hit "Hand Me Down World."


Stampede week is a time of year many Hatters young and old have marked on their calendars — this year was no different.

Less than 12 hours after festivities ended, Medicine Hat Exhibition & Stampede general manager Jim MacArthur says it was a very strong year for the local Stampede.

“It’s too early to have exact numbers, but my gut feeling is that we probably saw a few more people than we did last year,” he said. “The grounds were very full at night, especially (Saturday) night, there was a lot of very long lines and people out having fun.

“We felt like it was a really good year overall.”

Just like any other outdoor event, the Stampede is always at the mercy of Mother Nature, but MacArthur says it was nearly perfect for the duration of the Stampede.

“People often refer to Stampede weather as very hot,” he said. “Last year we had that extremely hot weather, but this year we didn’t really have any of that.

“I’m not sure if the weather and temperatures could have been more ideal this year. People wanted to be out of the house and in this year weather, and this was the place to do that.”

The Stampede showcased a number of new entertainers and attractions, while mixing in the things people come to expect every year — an important balance to strike, says MacArthur.

“Getting new things for people to do every year is important for us,” he said. “At the same time, we know there’s things people just really like, and those are the things that come back every year.

“There’s always going to be new bands at night and some new rides and food items, but some acts just fill up the stands every day.”

MacArthur says the stampede tradition is an important one to keep alive.

“We’re seeing a lot of interest with young people,” he said. “It’s an event that really appeals to everyone, and that’s what is keeping it popular.

“I always like to thank our volunteers that help make the Stampede happen. Without the countless hours they put in, we just wouldn’t be able to put on such a great event for everyone.”

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