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MHPS happy to report a quiet start to Stampede

By Mo Cranker on July 27, 2018.


It was a quiet first night of the annual Medicine Hat Exhibition & Stampede — which is always a good thing for the Medicine Hat Police Service.

“We had a really good first night,” said Sgt. Mike Fischer. “Last night people behaved really well and they were just out having a good time.”

The MHPS responded to five missing children Wednesday and located them all, with a big thanks to the returning wrist band program ran with the Safe Community Association.

“All five of the kids that went missing had our wristbands on — it makes a huge difference,” said Fischer. “It gives us something to start with, and a lot of information to work with.

“When kids don’t have the wrist bands it makes it very difficult to find them — there’s hundreds of kids running around.

“We have booths set up at each entrance and are really hoping parents sign their kids up.”

In total, the MHPS put 440 wrist bands on Hat children, and Fischer says he hopes to see more and more signed up every day.

The MHPS dealt with a number of suspicious vehicles Wednesday and wrote just one parking ticket.

Fischer says the police will likely have a check stop out at some point during the event and will have police officers assisting with traffic outside the Stampede grounds.

“We just want people to be patient with the officers,” he said. “We’re just trying to help people get out of here quickly and safely.”

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