May 26th, 2024

New bank alarm system causes false alarm two days in a row

By Collin Gallant on July 14, 2018.

Medicine Hat News

For the second time in two days police responded with multiple units to the downtown Servus Credit branch Friday afternoon to find a false alarm had been triggered.

Five police cars descended on the branch, located on the 500 block of Fourth Street, S.E., at about noon on Friday.

Police Staff Sergeant Trevor Humphries told the News that a similar occurrence took place on Thursday, but no emergency was taking place.

“It’s a new alarm system, and when we got there people were kind of looking at us wondering what was happening,” he said, noting that the police take all alarms seriously and respond accordingly.

“It’s sort of good because we know we can get there quickly.”

Over the past year, Medicine Hat Police Service responded to a series of suspicious packages or anonymous messages describing bomb threats involving local financial institutions.

This week’s case involved neither.

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