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Still no prelim date for man accused of extortion, murder

By Peggy Revell on July 12, 2018.

Major crimes unit investigate a "sudden death" of James Satre, 64, the corner of Mill Street and Smelter Avenue on Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2017. Lawyers are still working to set a preliminary hearing date for Robert Hoefman, charged with extortion and first-degree murder.

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Defence counsel and the Crown are still working to set a preliminary hearing date for the man charged with extortion and the first-degree murder of a 64-year-old Medicine Hat man.

Robert S. Hoefman remains in custody, appearing by closed-circuit TV from the Medicine Hat Remand Centre before the court Wednesday, with his counsel granted a brief adjournment to July 18.

Hoefman was arrested Nov. 9 on a single count of extortion. The first-degree murder charge was laid in January.

Police investigation into the extortion began when a threatening ransom letter was left on the property of a local business, including detailed threats to commit violent acts unless a million-dollar ransom was paid, according to the MHPS’s annual report.

The body of 64-year-old James Satre was found the morning of Oct. 11, 2017 in the alleyway by his home by the intersection of Mill Street and Smelter Avenue.

Investigation led police to connect the homicide and extortion, and arresting Hoefman.

Police say Satre appeared to be a “victim of circumstance and location,” and has no apparent connection to the extortion victim or the accused.

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