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‘Mid-level’ trafficker waived to Calgary to attend drug treatment court program

By Peggy Revell on July 6, 2018.


A Hatter characterized by police as a “mid-level”drug trafficker has had her sentence waived to Calgary so she can attend drug treatment court.

Sentencing for Tameka Hazelaar was delayed until July after she entered guilty pleas in April to trafficking methamphetamine, oxycodine and heroin that turned out to be carfentanil.

The court heard Tuesday the woman had been accepted into drug treatment court program in Calgary which has a limited number of spaces.

The intensive program requires people to enter guilty pleas and accept an agreed statement of facts, then takes a minimum of one year to complete. If a participant fails the program — which focuses on addictions treatment, recovery, and rehabilitation into the community — then they sentenced on the charges.

According to the agreed statement of facts read into the record in April, on Sept. 28, police conducted surveillance on a local bar as source information was that Hazelaar was selling drugs on behalf of another man who was also at the bar.

Arrests were made and police found in Hazelaar’s purse a digital scale with meth residue, dime bags and drugs packaged for sale. This included four bags of meth weighing a total of 19.48 grams, with a street value of $1,950.

Two bags of suspected heroin/fentanyl were analyzed as Carfentanil/Caffeine and weighed .25 grams and .27 grams. Hazelaar said she was not aware this was carfentanil until it was analyzed by police.

Five oxycodone pills were seized, as well as 0.22 grams of methamphetamine that was for Hazelaar’s personal use.

The court heard the police felt Hazelaar was a mid-level trafficker, but also used meth and sold it to support her habit.

Guilty plea

A guilty plea to drug trafficking was entered Thursday by a Medicine Hat woman, with sentencing adjourned to Nov. 1 in order to have a Gladue report and pre-sentencing report put together.

According to the agreed statement of facts, police were investigating a man believed to be selling drugs by cellphone — police were passed along to another woman, whom they made two arrangements with to purchase methamphetamine.

For the second exchange, the undercover officer met with the woman, and drove her to pick up the accused, then drove to another location where the accused took $300 from the officer into a residence and came back with seven grams of meth.

Bambi Dreaver also pled guilty to simple possession after police found her breaching her release conditions by consuming alcohol and found her in possession of meth and cocaine.

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