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Man charged in Irvine firearms seizure gets 10 months in jail

By Peggy Revell on June 27, 2018.

Medicine Hat News

A man arrested in April 2017 after police seized a cache of firearms from his residence in Irvine was sentenced Tuesday to 10 months in jail.

Judge Ted Fisher’s ruling was less than the 18-month sentence Crown requested for Denver Ryan Ailsby, but also not in line with the two-year conditional sentence defence counsel wanted so the accused could serve his time in the community.

It’s “not appropriate to provide Mr. Ailsby with a CSO,” Fisher said in his decision, due to factors like the firearm prohibition that had been in place, and the silencer found when police searched the residence.

The agreed statement of facts was read in at the previous court appearance, including that Ailsby was sentenced in December 2016 to 90 days on charges that resulted in a 10-year firearm prohibition.

Police obtained a warrant for Ailsby’s residence after his partner — who had proper licensing — was observed by a loss prevention officer purchasing firearms while in the presence of Ailsby and another individual not allowed to have weapons.

A search of the couple’s Irvine residence found in the kitchen and bedroom multiple guns, loose ammunition, a homemade silencer and two clips altered so they could fire more rounds. Some of the guns did not have trigger locks or other safety features.

Ailsby entered guilty pleas in February to one count of unsafe storage of a firearm, two counts of unauthorized possession of a prohibited firearm and one count of possessing firearms contrary to a court order.

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